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Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment

China Shenzhen Gainlaser Laser Technology Co.,Ltd certification
China Shenzhen Gainlaser Laser Technology Co.,Ltd certification
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Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment

Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment
Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment

Large Image :  Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: Gainlaser
Certification: CE
Model Number: GL-UV-01A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Please inquire individully
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
Detailed Product Description
Laser Wavelength: 355nm Cooling Mode: Water Cooled
Laser Power: >5W@40KHz Pulse Width: ≤15ns@40KHz
Max Pulse Energy: 0.125mJ@40KHz Unfocused Beam Roundness: ≤96%
High Light:

AC220V laser marking equipment


2000mm/s laser marking equipment


2000mm/s engraving metal machine

5W UV Laser Marking System Water Cool


1. What’s UV Laser Marking Machine?

UV Laser Marking Machine is a UV laser with the short wavelength 355nm to generate an intense energy beam breaking the molecular bonds and vaporize the substrate leaving a permanent mark without contacting the substrate. It is very suitable for sensitive and critical material(such as plastic , leather, etc.) marking with the advantage of its "cold marking" methods. Because it offers a higher absorption rate than fiber and CO2 lasers and are less likely to burn the surrounding material because they produce less heat. This is why UV laser is also referred to as “cold processing method”, while fiber and CO2 lasers are called as ‘thermal processing method’. Fiber / CO2 laser marking machine can alter or even burn some heat-sensitive materials, like plastic, leather, etc. This is because the laser energy is not fully absorbed, allowing too much light to pass through without marking the material. You’re left with indecipherable logos, unreadable barcodes, or damaged parts.

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2. Product Description

  • 355nm DPSS UV laser with average output power ≥5W@40KHz, pulse width ≤15ns@40KHz;
  • American brand semiconductor module, high working stability, laser lifespan >20,000 hours;
  • Mark glass, plastic, metals, wood, leather, fruits, paper, etc.;
  • Short wavelength 355nm, generating tiny focused laser spot, achieving high precise marking;
  • Cold processing method, small heat affected area, little thermal deformation on material surface;
  • Professional JCZ control board and EZcad2 software, easy operation & excellent functions;
  • High repetitive precision 0.02mm galvo scanner with clear aperture 10mm, high marking quality;

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3. What's UV laser marking machine?
UV laser marking machines are usually designed in the 355nm UV laser wavelength and can mark a wide range of materials. They are perfect for “cold marking” applications, where lasers producing heat is not applicable. UV laser can mark materials like plastics, ceramics and glass without the need of additives. Due to the high quality beam, UV laser can micro-mark electronics, circuit boards and microchips. They are also superb for use on solar panels and precise medical equipment marking.


Gainlaser’s UV laser machines direct part marking technology creates readable marks fast for more efficient identification and traceability. The machines get damage-free results on thin metals, plastics, glass, and a variety of other organic or heat-sensitive materials.

The UV laser machine is a versatile solution for a range of industries. Medical device manufacturers use our UV or “cold marking” solutions to create smooth, hygienic marks. In electronics and automotive industries, UV lasers allow companies to mark small, delicate components, including circuit boards and silicon wafers, with less waste.

Our UV Laser Marking Machine uses a 355 nm UV laser wavelength. These ultraviolet wavelengths deliver some of the highest absorption rates, minimizing heat stress that can lead to damaged products.


UV lasers achieve high-contrast etchings on sensitive products through a photochemical effect. The heat input is very low so that sensitive materials such as medical plastics, silicones, white polyamides, colored tubes, cables or glass can be etched without damaging the product surface.


4. Client Feedback

Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment 2


5. Technical Parameter

Product Name Glass Laser Marking Machine Model GL-UV-01A
Laser Wavelength 355nm Cooling Mode Water Cooled
Average Output Power >5W@40KHz Pulse Width Type ≤15ns@40KHz
Marking Area 100*100mm Marking Accuracy 0.01mm
Pulse Repetition Frequence 10 KHz - 150 KHz Mininum Character Size 0.15*0.15mm
Beam Roundness @ Laser Outlet ≤96% Max Marking Speed 2000mm/s
Machine Size L850*W650*H1378mm Net Weight 120KG
Laser Source Brand Gainlaser Power Supply AC110V / 220V +10% / 50HZ or 60HZ
Control Board & Software Brand JCZ / EZcad2 Operation System

Win XP / 7 / 8 / 10

(32 bit , 64 bit)


6. Laser Source Parameter

Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment 3


7. Glass Marking Samples:
1) Glass Marking Samples
Since the focal spot of UV laser is very tiny and processing temperature is low, furthermore as a non-contact marking technology, UV laser is very suitable to mark glass material. Successful UV laser commercialized applications include wine bottle, flavour bottle, drinking bottle and other industries glass bottle package and glass tableware, glass crafts gifts, crystal marking, etc. Besides marking glass directly, UV laser can also remove paint or coat on glass to form text or pattern, like logo, number or other patterns;

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2) Metal Marking Sample

UV laser can mark identification on common metals, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, carbon steel, various alloy steel, tool steel, hard alloy, aluminum alloy, chromium plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, various grinding, polished metal surface, etc. The identification can be logo, product name, technical parameter, supplier name, safety matters, etc.

Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment 8

Water Cool 2000mm/S AC220V Laser Marking Equipment 9


3) Plastic Marking Sample

UV laser can apply to most universal plastic and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PUS, EVA, etc., and plastic alloy, like PC/ABS and other material. The marking is clear and bright, and can mark black and white color on natural color plastic, white plastic, colored plastic and black plastic. Successful commercialized application in the plastics include animal ear tag, light switch cover, cosmetic packaging material, vehicle interior button and doorknob, instrument panel, ABS keyboard, HDPE, PET and PVC rigid container and container cover, nylon and PBT automobile and non-automobile electrical connector, engine hood element such as fuse box and air cap, anti-counterfeit labels, container lock catch, stationery, home appliance shell, etc.

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7. FAQ

1. Are you manufacturer or reseller?
Answer: Since the year of 2002, our company engages laser processing equipments. At beginning, we design and produce the metal housing of laser processing machines. In 2013, our company began developing laser scan heads, including mirror wavelength 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm & 10.6μm. With our company business development, we research and develop DPSS laser from the year of 2015. Meanwhile, we provide complete UV laser marking machines. We’re a well-known brand and have increasing market share in domestic market, we have more than 3000 clients in China domestic market.


2. How do you position your UV laser for product quality compared to your competitors of HUARAY, Inno, Inngu?

Answer: In terms of market feedback, the quality of our UV laser is almost same with the competitors. According to test report, the technical parameters of our lasers are very close to HUARAY, you could compare the parameters yourself. And, our UV laser adopts American brand imported semiconductor, including ‘Nlight’, ‘Coherent’, etc. Besides, our UV lasers are small size and portable design, for example our air cool UV laser size L374*W142*H125mm, net weight 8KG and water cool UV laser size L395*W142*H125mm, net weight 7.5KG.


3. How about the performance of your scan head?

Answer: no deformation when mark tiny letters for example letter height 0.1mm. The repetitive positioning precision of our scan head is within 10μm. According to our technical testing, mark two same patterns on transparent materials by using our scan head, both of the patterns can coincide exactly.


4. What’s the marking control board and software in your machine?
Answer: we adopt JCZ control board and EZcad software.


5. What kind of materials can your machines mark?

Answer: UV laser can mark most common materials, including plastic, glass, metal, leather, diamond, wood, paper, etc. Compared with fiber laser and CO2 laser, the processing temperature of UV laser is obviously lower, and UV laser’s heat affected zone is smaller. For some materials, UV laser works better. Besides, since UV laser’s wavelength is shorter and its focused laser spot is much smaller, the marking precision of UV laser is obviously higher, which make it especially suitable to mark small letters.


6. What’s the warranty of your products? After I purchase your products, if any problem happens, what can you help us?

Answer: the warranty of our products are 12 months. If any non-artificial problem happen to our products, free spare parts will be provided to you, or we help you to repair it. We provide on-line remote technical support. Any requirement of after-sale need from client is responded in 24 hours.

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